SIS PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.58 Compatable Browsers, Desktop Applications and Clients

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This below released browser versions are applicable only to SIS 9.2 application and PeopleTools 8.58.


Desktop Applications, Browsers and Clients Version
Apple Safari 2 Releases(13,12)
Google Chrome 1 Release(79)
IBM DB2 Connect 1 Release(11.1)
Microsoft Edge 2 Releases(79.0.309.71,44+)
Microsoft Excel 5 Releases(2019,2016,2013,2010,365)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 1 Release(11)
Microsoft SQL Server Client 3 Releases(2019,2017,2016)
Microsoft Word 3 Releases(2019,2016,2013)
Mozilla Firefox leases(71,68.* ESR)




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